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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Feel Good! with Yoga’s webpage. Feel Good! with Yoga delivers Yoga Classes and Workshops, Aromatherapy workshops and Ayurveda workshops in Casteau, two minutes away from The SHAPE.

All classes and workshops are delivered in French and/or English and All are welcome.

Hatha Yoga, Sadhana, Pranayama are taught by Amélie, a french young woman who’s traveled around for a good while. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Dutch fluently and masters some Portuguese and Italian as well. You’ll find hereafter some more details about the workshops and the weekly classes.


Feel Good! with Yoga organises classes and workshops on a very regular basis.

The place is Chateau Jacquet, rue Jacquet number 10 in Casteau, a beautiful castle nested in the middle of a very green neighborhood next to the SHAPE.


Classes are taught in English and French and accessible to all levels and all nationalities.

Classes are taught on :

Mondays from 9 to 10:30

Tuesdays from 19:30 to 21:00

Wednesdays from 19:30 to 21:00

Prices range from EUR 9 a class (with membership) to EUR 12 a class (wo membership). There is a EUR 10 yearly insurance to honour as well.

Amélie also delivers private classes either at your place or within Chateau Jacquet in French, English or Spanish.

She can also be called to deliver practices in your company in case you’d be interested in some corporate activities.

And she also delivers 3-hour workshops on Saturday mornings following themes and subjects that are of most interest to the group.

Want to join Feel Good! with Yoga? Fill the below contact form or call Amélie on

+32 477 32 49 85


Feel Good! with Aroma delivers Aromatherapy workshops and consulting to people in needs or with interests in good health and natural healing.

After a first consulting visit, where you’ll expose your issues and troubles, Amélie, the aromatherapist will propose synergies to help relieving the pain, diminishing secondary effects or accelerating the healing. Amélie has the relevant diploma and experience so be reassured, you’re in good hands!


Feel Good! with Aroma is also about workshops where Amélie targets some well-spread issues such as insomnia, back pains and other heavy legs for instance.

You’ll learn how to use and manipulate the Essential Oils safely, build your own synergies and learn how to master your skills.

Want to join Feel Good! with Aroma? Fill the form below or call Amélie on

+32 477 32 49 85


Feel Good! with Ayurveda is a unique concept whereby Amélie delivers Ayurvedic treatments, massages and cooking tips for you to feel better, be better and eat according to your physiological needs and ayurvedic profile.

Abhyanga is a massage of the whole body with warm oil. It helps detoxify, dynamize, restore the energy and feel better for the weeks to come.


Hand & Feet massage is a great relaxing moment. Let your mind disconnect from the hustle and bustle with this massage. Many energetic channels and points are located in our hands & feet, where polluted and tainted energy is gathered and conducted out.


With the Nasya treatment, Amélie can help healing sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies, headaches, negative thoughts, snoring and tinnitus. It is a great facial draining: deep skin feeding with organic and pure oil, smoothing method, skull, shoulders, neck and hand massage.


With the Basti, Amélie helps deep-feeding, relieving the painful joints. This is a beautiful meditating moment where the mind enters in a deeper state while the person lets go. Harmonising body and soul. Such a precious moment. Available in duo (for 2 persons) or 2 bastis on one person (i.e. knees, lower back and between shoulder blades, etc.).


There is more to come on this topic since Amélie always looks to develop herself and to offer what she does best, help others be better thanks to her passion and her skills.

Want to join Feel Good! with Ayurveda ? Fill in the contact form below or Call Amélie on + 32 477 32 49 85

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